Drivers Experience Real-World Scenarios with Mobile Simulator

Last week we took a break from digging trenches and delivering propane tanks to host a unique training session using a simulator. At Wayman Oil we hire top notch drivers and keep them that way by providing skill sharpening sessions throughout the year. We also fired up the grill – because you can’t learn anything on an empty stomach.

Wayman 1 600Our friends at Energi, Inc. provided the mobile training center that allowed drivers the opportunity to participate in a nearly 360-degree realistic driving simulator.

Once they were seated behind the wheel, the simulator was set up for the type of vehicle each employee operates, ranging from pick up trucks to propane bobtail trucks.


Using a large 3-monitor display, they also got to experience a variety of virtual conditions from bad weather, to rough terrain and even alcohol impairment.

Having the ability to replicate real world scenarios is a practical training tool that improves driving skills, reaction time and exposes drivers to potential dangerous and/or risky situations.

When you see a Wayman Oil truck on the road, we want you to know we’re serious about safety.