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No Automated Service Here! – The Kriszcsiokaitis Family’s Personalized Wayman Experience

The Kriszcsiokaitis family moved from city to country living when they bought a home in Derby, KS in 2009. The man who had previously owned the home had used Wayman Oil as his propane provider. When the Kriszcsiokaitis family moved in, they went and talked to Mike at Wayman to ensure they had the best propane service for their new home and found just that when talking to Mike.

Seeing “how nice of a guy,” and how knowledgeable Mike is, Lisa Kriszcsiokaitis said she asked herself, “do we even need to check any further?” Her choice was made and Wayman Oil continued providing propane service for the same house with a new family.

The house not only required ensuring great propane service but a new furnace as well when the family moved in. After a well-known heating/cooling provider came and installed a new heat pump, there was an issue and the house was not being heated properly. Lisa called Wayman and Mike said he’d be there in five minutes. He arrived to find a faulty valve on the heating company provider’s new equipment and notified Lisa of the valve’s unsafe state. Although Mike was not allowed to fix the other company’s equipment, he was able to notify Lisa for her to call the company, who came out shortly to replace the faulty valve and ensure her home’s safety.

Mrs. Kriszcsiokaitis had many of the same comments other happy Wayman customers have attested to. She marveled at Wayman Oil’s quick, “wonderful customer service.” They “answer calls within 24 hours and answer questions with no problems; you can’t go wrong with the service!” she exclaimed. “I’ve not seen a company with this great of customer service in many years. You call and talk to a real person, with no automated service. I wouldn’t go with anyone else,” she added.

The feeling is mutual on Wayman and Mike Tanner’s behalf. Mike enjoys taking care of customers and knowing them by name. It turns out that Mike and Lisa’s children attend the same high school. A small world instance, yet again! Mike can easily relate to his customers on a personal level. “Great lady!” Mr. Tanner exclaimed about Mrs. Kriszcsiokaitis.

From Frustration to Security – Donna’s Wayman Experience

Donna had only been a customer of Wayman Oil for around two and a half weeks and, within that short time period, had already experienced over-the-top customer service. She called her previous propane provider on a Thursday because of a leak and was appalled at the response she received. The employees of her provider were partying at a music festival and wouldn’t be able to come fix her leak, nor ensure any kind of safety for Donna and her family, until the following Monday.

Discouraged and dismayed at the response, Donna wanted a second opinion and decided to call Wayman Oil, which is located closer to her home. Wayman General Manager, Mike Tanner, picked up to answer the distraught mother’s questions concerning her family’s safety. She told Mike about the response she had been given and why her current propane provider couldn’t assist her. Because customer service is top priority, Mike was irate. Donna had simply called to ask a few questions, but Mike told her the leak couldn’t wait and he’d be there in 30 minutes to correct it. Although Wayman was not her propane provider at the time, Mike rushed to Donna’s house to ensure her family’s safety.

He corrected the leak for safe heating, working free of charge. He then returned on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to assess what errors had been created by the previous propane provider and found improperly set regulators on Donna’s system, which also needed servicing. Mike told Donna to call him when the heat serviceman arrived. She did and Mike was over within 15 minutes to reset the tank.

Donna was amazed at Mike’s knowledge, customer service, and quickness. “I’ve never had that good of service!” she exclaimed of her experience. “I didn’t have confidence in propane anymore and was going to look into something else,” she added. Mike not only fixed her propane leak and errors from the previous provider, but he also gave her a lesson. As he was replacing her old propane equipment with new equipment, he explained what he was doing and why he was doing it for her future reference.

Donna has two children and said that she deeply appreciates Mike’s teaching her to understand how propane heating works to ensure her family’s safety. Now she “feels secure with propane again.” “He makes you feel safe,” she added about Mike Tanner’s exceptional service. With a background in nearly 20 years of law enforcement, Mike has that effect on people. What began as a serious underground leak and improperly set regulators by another provider, ended up as another safe and satisfied family under Wayman’s watch.

Under Wayman’s Watch for Nearly 20 Years – Why The Sickmans Won’t Switch Service

The Sickman family moved outside of the city to Derby, KS in 1994. It was the first time they’d lived “out in the country,” she said and the family needed to find propane service. Their daughter just so happened to go to school with the daughter of a Wayman employee and mentioned Wayman Oil. Service was set up and Wayman has now provided the family with propane heat for nearly 20 years.

Mrs. Sickman called Wayman Oil one Saturday because her tank needed filling. Mike Tanner came out (quickly as usual) and found that their line was broken and leaking. He shut everything off, went back to the office and returned to install a temporary tank for the Sickmans to have heat over the weekend. “This is a big deal,” said Diane, “if he hadn’t have come, it wouldn’t have been safe. Gas leaks are dangerous.” It was also a big deal to her because, at the time, Mike and his family were moving, yet he still arrived quickly after hours to ensure the family had heat. Mr. Tanner gave them a bid and returned Monday to trench in a new line, ensuring their system was safe again.

Mrs. Sickman said of her experience, “They were very helpful and took care of business. They made sure everything was working. Mike was even moving but still came out. He’s just a really nice guy.” The next comment she had is one that is consistently present in all of Wayman Oil’s testimonials. “Wayman is always very quick to respond,” Diane said, “it’s usually on the same day within four hours.”

In the past nearly two decades, Diane has seen many flyers and received calls from other propane providers urging her to switch to their services. But she sees no reason to ever switch from Wayman. “We’ve always been very happy,” she said of Wayman’s customer service. “We’ve always been taken care of with them and will continue to be, and that’s that!” she exclaimed. There’s no doubt that Wayman will continue to provide the same quick, knowledgeable and friendly service at the Sickman residence. We are proud and honored here at Wayman to have such loyal customers and look forward to 20 more years of service with them.

Tired of Waiting and Ready for Wayman! – Tina’s Story

When summer began to draw near, Tina’s propane tank needed to be filled. She was excited to get her new home’s pool up and running for some family summer fun. She called her propane provider at the time, who said they’d send someone out. No one arrived to fill the tank. After waiting, Tina called again, only to be answered in a rude manner. They told her they’d send someone out to fill it.

When he finally arrived, the propane company’s serviceman was not prepared to fill the tank, but only to check it for leaks. The company had misinformed him and he had only come with equipment to check for leaks and not to fill the empty tank. He said that he couldn’t check for leaks provided the tank had no propane in it to test for them. Nor was he able to fill the tank without the proper equipment for it. He left; leaving an empty, leaking tank and a frustrated Tina.

After three weeks of waiting to get her propane tank set up for summer, she decided to call Wayman Oil. When Mike said he’d be there the next day, Tina knew it was time to switch over to Wayman for more satisfactory service.

Wayman workers arrived the next day to set up a new tank for her family, trenching a new line to the house and helping get everything set up on a line the other company had installed to their pool heater. Wayman also worked with the Sedgwick County Department of Code Enforcement to get a satisfactory inspection.

Not only did Mike and Wayman Oil ensure the safety of her family’s propane tank and lines, Tina commented that Mike and the Wayman staff are “very professional, courteous and are fast and efficient workers.” She added that she really likes Mike’s leadership at Wayman saying, “He’s very innovative and I can see how he is moving the company forward.”

What began as a frustrated Tina needing quick service and receiving it from Wayman rather than her provider at the time, has ended in her great appreciation for Wayman’s customer service. She appreciates the prompt, courteous staff and a call back from Wayman within 24 hours, adding that she enjoys the personal service. Tina’s husband and Mike even found that they are both “Blue Brothers,” she said. Both have previously worked in law enforcement and found they already know each other: a great start to a new customer relationship!

Tina ended by saying that she was happy to tell of her Wayman experience, “Anything for Mike!” she exclaimed. “I’d rather be with local, more personal service,” where people know each other by name and not just what’s listed on stops to make for the day like other companies (if the stops ever get made).

Safety First! Wayman Talks Propane Precautions with Various Kansas Fire Departments and Responders

On Saturday, October 29th, Wayman Oil Company, in conjunction with Mulvane Fire Department, hosted several area fire departments including Derby Fire, Sedgwick County Fire, Udall, and Sumner County Fire Districts for in-service training related to our facility and the propane industry. After all, we care about the safety of our customers first and foremost and want to educate the safest precautions when using propane to heat homes.

All of the above agencies respond if needed to our facility and to the residences of our customers in the event of a propane emergency, so we felt compelled to educate the responders on the operation of safety devices used in the propane industry. This included mechanical safety devices on our tanks, our trucks and in our facility. Additionally, we discussed our safety plan for the facility and gave the responders an idea of what they could expect from our safety-trained employees if needed. This training gave these emergency responders the opportunity to ask questions, get immediate answers, and also allowed them to get an up-close look at what a safe, controlled environment should entail.

We hope the safety training will help if there are future occurrences and are so proud to have had this opportunity to get involved in effectively responding to propane emergencies. We are honored to work with so many great Kansas Fire Departments and having them to protect both us and our customers.

Propane Specials

Right now Wayman Oil has several specials going on.  We have our $6 to refill 20-pound tanks special, which we’ve had in the past and also another…15% off of 200+ gallon tank refills if paid within 10 days.  This would make the price for each gallon only $1.95!  We’ve also got free tank rentals for new customers through March 2012.  Wayman prides itself on customer service and we really love putting faces to the names we see.  We love having these specials, seeing who our customers are and getting to know them on a more personal instead of just a business level.  From our family to yours, come save some bucks with Wayman’s specials!

Cost to refill propane bottles

Our regular costs for refilling propane bottles are:

  • 100# bottle for $44.00
  • 40# bottle for $19.80
  • 30# bottle for $15.40
  • 20# bottle for $11.00

This price includes tax and is subject to change without notice.

20 Pound Propane Grill Cylinder Refill for $6

We love seeing our customers! Each year, we offer holiday specials on 20-pound grill propane tank refills for only $6! This year, our specials are offered during normal business hours (8 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) on the following dates:

  • Memorial Day 2020 – May 20, 21, and 22
  • Fourth of July 2020 – July 1, 2, and 3
  • Mulvane Old Settlers Parade 2020 – August 12, 13, and 14
  • Labor Day 2020 – September 2, 3, and 4

Wayman Oil Adds Online-Bill Pay

I would like to make everybody aware of the activation of the online bill pay section of our website.   This project was recently completed and it is now up and running for your convenience.  This is a safe secure way to make your payment to Wayman Oil Company when it is convenient for you.   Please take the time to check it out and if we can be of any assistance please call and someone will be more than happy to assist you.